My Crew

Seriously, without my Crew, nothing would happen.

When she learned of the opportunity for an overland adventure on the small bore 230 (hers), E. didn’t miss a beat.  When I emailed her shortly after I learned the company was closing its doors, her reply was swift.  “Well, it looks like you’ll have the time to do that overland trip after all.  Seriously, you need to take this opportunity to make a ride happen.  The gift is in your lap.  Take it.”  So…’Hall Pass’, accepted.

Daniel, typically, was much more sanguine about the whole affair.  He wanted to know if I got as far as the mainland if there would be jungles, wild animals, and, most of all, natives that “shrunk heads”(?!).  When I answered, ‘no,’ he, in his most cavalier tone replied, “Bummer, it would be cool to have a shrunken head.”

100% awesome, my crew.

E.: "If not now...when?"

"Shrunken-Head Indians...dead"

2 thoughts on “My Crew

  1. BT – Modern Day Hero – Looking forward to updates. Watching the map makes me feel as if I were riding with you. Far and

    • Dude…simply wild some of the sections I ran yesterday. I’m not doing the minute by minute updates because I’m afraid that I’m going to drop the satellite messenger and some kid is going to find it and trip the 911-send-the-world alarm. Fun to push the button at the end of the day, though. Much love and Happy New Year!

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