RE: My Crew [Extended]

D-day (departure day) reminded my of just how supportive my friends and family are. E. was up at 0-dark-30 to get me rolling and send me off with a few kisses. She wanted nothing to do with the whole wave-and-say-goodbye scenario and, in hindsight, I’m glad because I would have been a wreck had she and D. come down to see me off. I kissed D. on the head, took a few photos, and pushed off for Huntington Beach to meet The Commander. He and GR would give me a ride into San Felipe.

I arrived early and sent a text to The Commander to make sure that he was up. Not only was he up, but my extended crew was there waiting to see me off. [Nice to see you guys, but you could have remembered the Bloody Marys]. In all seriousness, the friends that I have deserve special mention for their support and good-natured teasing. To the man, I heard them all say that they should be going on this trip too. You guys are all with me.

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