Weather The F%&#?

Last ‘big’ paddle before the race was yesterday (Wednesday) — just under 15m.  I’d like to say that it just flew by and that I wasn’t alternately tired, bored, and anxious, but the truth was that I was all of those.  I guess one of the reason is the weird weather that we’ve been having over the last week.

Alternating between hot and still in the morning and temperamental winds out of the south and the west during the afternoons, nothing has been consistent for more than one or two days.  Mother Nature isn’t going to tip her hand on this one.  The funniest part of playing the ‘guess-the-weather’ game is talking to other paddlers.  “Oh, it’ll be perfect come race day…” they say with a wink and a smile.  But the truth is so much more simple.  It’s going to be cold, and hot, and still, and windy… all of it.  Guess away, little man.

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