Raisons d’être

R2R Start 5This image about sums it up for everything I like about paddleboard racing.

  1. This is not a sprint race; it’s the beginning of a 22 mile channel crossing, but everyone in it looks like they’re out for blood.  Seriously out for blood.
  2. The Redondo Rocket trading paint (“ramming speed!”).
  3. DJ looking like she could can-opener your head off with her arm (note: she can).
  4. Aussie traveling over to just to make you look bad by making it look easy (nice new board too!).
  5. Up-and-comers who will, no doubt, breathe down your neck in 3…2…1…
  6. Max checking out for what will be an inspired paddle — hell, the guy isn’t even the picture!

Everyone…feet up, getting after it, and having a good time.  I don’t need a ‘motivational’ poster or video; I have these folks.

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