Rock 2 Rock 2014 (Preview)


I get to pass along a huge dose of ‘feel-good’ because I finally convinced Ruth Parish to partner with me in Rock 2 Rock, 2014.  She doesn’t show it because she hauls the mail, but Ruth has been recovering a hurt wing.  Putting 21-22 miles on an already-injured shoulder will certainly let you know if it’s ready for The Catalina Classic or, alternately, it could just plain wreck you for the rest of the season.  Period.

I certainly didn’t want do that, and I suspect Ruth didn’t want to risk it, so I begged her to be my partner (literally, I think it took something like 5 calls, 10 emails, and 20 text messages).  The upside is that she agreed — Rock2Rock is simply too much of a good time to not be out there with the rest of the paddling family, racing, supporting, and clicking off the miles.  With Mark Urkov, of Urkov Charters, running the boat, I couldn’t ask for a better set-up.  I am lucky to have such friends.  More on Mark, The Rough House, and the overall race plan soon…


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