This Is Our Hammer

This is our hammer.

This is Stephen Caldwell. He goes by many names and nicknames (“Reno” mostly), but come Sunday, the day of the the 2014, Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon, he will be known as “go,” “push,” “faster,” and, at the end of 32 brutal miles, “the man.”

Reno is a threat on 14′ and he knows it; and, with that knowledge, there is a lot of pressure to perform.  He’s probably already feeling it now, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just by chatting with him. Gregarious, humble, generous, and dedicated, Reno is the man to whom all our effort will be focused come Sunday.  

Skipper: Mark Urkov; Support Boat: The Rough House; Boat Bunny and Nutrition: Yours truly 🙂

Sunday, Reno Caldwell, and the majesty that is the Catalina Classic.  Bring it…and stay tuned.

Caldwell 2

Classic 2014 Logo


5 thoughts on “This Is Our Hammer

  1. Whapahowser..!!! Thanks Tyler and Bob… That was fricken awesome.. You boys did me right..!! I got a PR, beating my record by 26 seconds.. No way could I have gone that fast without you guys right there with me..!!! Peace…

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