“Get in the Back…Our Fins Ride Shotty”

contest-full.pngIt’s on.  The boys are headed down to Oceanside for the World Bodysurfing Championships, 2016.

Now, I’m not much on organized contests—I’d rather have a good session with my buddies any day—but, the WBC has a great pedigree with a number of excellent bodysurfers coming in from distant locations.

D-Sauce is going up against his buddy J-Nug and I seem to have drawn Nick Menas in my heat.

Nick Menas

This shot of Menas getting after it at Rockpile is ridiculous.  There’s big surf and then there is, well, that sick slab of water.

2016_08_16_08.31.37.png 2016_08_16_08.31.54.png

Anywho…at an expected 3’-5’ on an incoming tide, the ‘playing field’ is pretty much level.  As I said, it’s on.  Party Saturday night and, hopefully, more womping on Sunday.  Full report to follow.

Update: Got this lovely little anecdote from Teddy on the North Shore that captures bodysurfing stoke better than I could in this post.  Enjoy and check out those trophies!

“Good luck to all my bodysurfing Brothers Saturday down at the O’side Pier. My father (who would have turned 86 tomorrow) drove me down from HB to O’side back in the summers of 1979 and 1980 to compete in a bodysurfing contest, which was unreal. He turned me on to bodysurfing and the Ocean pulse. Pulled off back to back 3rd place finishes (12-14 age group, check out mugs photo, still have ’em!), and my bodysurfing stoke never left me. Wasn’t ’til I moved out to Oahu and found like minded watermen who put on contests (thank you HSBA and Da Hui!)To all the bodysurfing community, you are truly one of a kind! Good luck Team Hawaii! Good luck, my good friend Bob Thurmond, competing with his son Daniel this weekend! Just like my Pops and I did in 1979! Enjoy, and Stay Stoked!!!”


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