“I’m 3-5′ and building through Wednesday”

The Pormpuraaw Aborigine of Cape York Peninsula, Australia, use their location–their physical direction–as a means of communicating how they are and what they are doing each day.  For example, if I were to ask, “Hi, how are you?”, they might respond, “I’m northbound, about half way to my destination.”  That’s right, a simple reply of ‘fair’ just wont do.

TIL that D-sauce is some form of Australian Aborigine, because when I asked, “Hey, what’s up?”, he replied, (you guessed it) “3-5′ and building through Wednesday.”

Translation: stoked, charging, styling.  Go get waves.




October Roundup

Saving The World BT

In case you’ve been napping–FarAndAWey has been on the move for the last few weeks, traveling, working, and catching a few late-fall waves; but, a few posts are up, or forthcoming, and they’ll make your day a smooth ride.

  • We had to wait until almost the end of summer, but the swells showed up and DST was there to make a statement about getting out there…everyday if you can.
  • FAAW got lost in Baja…and that’s a good thing.
  • Got a front row seat to maybe one of the most difficult Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathons in history–which is still difficult to write about (full post forthcoming).
  • Laguna Aquathon did not happen, except for those that did not listen.  It was the longest swim (4-5 miles) of any year I can remember, we missed the mid-day cocktail stop, and we still had more fun than can be expected for a six-hour tour of SoCal’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Thought it would be super fun to race the second annual West End Loop Race, which it was if you didn’t actually race, but rather paddled with your friends, jumped in the water, and didn’t take yourself too seriously (full post forthcoming).
  • DST ponied up a new short flick with his buddy and made a bonafide announcement that he is ready to charge larger surf in this great Dog Town Session that is dirty, nasty, and awesome.

Change. Deal with It.

Crossing that thin red line in Venice on the tail-end of a great mid-October swell.

Look into Daniel’s eyes and you’ll see a kid that’s going to serve up a plate of amazing while the rest of us are eating sample dish of “I’m not sure.”

DST…fat city ready.


DST: [Walking by a liquor store in Venice] “Hey dad, isn’t that you?”

Me: [Looking closely] “Holy s&%t shucks, it is your old man.  Ha!”

Tagging aside funny to see yourself in your local liquor store window…wait, maybe not.



Face may have been cut off by a big ol’ tag, but I know that cold shirt and Herbie (53) anywhere.  2013 Catalina Classic Marathon Paddleboard Race.

[UPDATE: Found the original!]