I Can Outrun A Dog

Got it: 55m.p.h.

It wasn’t pretty and I probably pissed off the entire neighborhood doing hot laps down the street, but I got the bike to do a double-nickle without totally wringing its neck. Actually, at 45m.p.h., it was downright smooth. In other words, I can hang on the highway and get out of the way of a giant flat-bed trailer bearing down on me at high speed. Important, those two things.

True, I can’t see a damn thing out of the rear view mirror due to the vibration, but I can just make out lights and large objects. What else do you need? I’ll bring a 42T sprocket just in case I want to pick up another few m.p.h. and do more road miles on the way home, but, for now, the 45T seems to be the ticket.

I’m now off to pack the tools and organize the clothes. Still fighting a bit of a cold, but I’m far better than I was a few days ago. Departure date, Sunday (27th) will be here before I know it… wahoo!


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