October Roundup

Saving The World BT

In case you’ve been napping–FarAndAWey has been on the move for the last few weeks, traveling, working, and catching a few late-fall waves; but, a few posts are up, or forthcoming, and they’ll make your day a smooth ride.

  • We had to wait until almost the end of summer, but the swells showed up and DST was there to make a statement about getting out there…everyday if you can.
  • FAAW got lost in Baja…and that’s a good thing.
  • Got a front row seat to maybe one of the most difficult Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathons in history–which is still difficult to write about (full post forthcoming).
  • Laguna Aquathon did not happen, except for those that did not listen.  It was the longest swim (4-5 miles) of any year I can remember, we missed the mid-day cocktail stop, and we still had more fun than can be expected for a six-hour tour of SoCal’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Thought it would be super fun to race the second annual West End Loop Race, which it was if you didn’t actually race, but rather paddled with your friends, jumped in the water, and didn’t take yourself too seriously (full post forthcoming).
  • DST ponied up a new short flick with his buddy and made a bonafide announcement that he is ready to charge larger surf in this great Dog Town Session that is dirty, nasty, and awesome.

Loaded for Bear

Packing in the last of the big-mileage workouts in the next three weeks and the board looks like it’s loaded for a camping trip.  Actually, I think I’ve taken less on a camping trip!  GPS, four bottles of Cytomax (getting a bit tired of that stuff), PowerBar, Goo packs, iPod, hat, glasses, margarita mix…wait, damn, I forgot something.


Wind and Waves

After my beat-down from Guerrero Negro, a ride down the coast–technically from San Quintin to Erindera–seemed like a walk in the park.  Wind gusting to 50 mph, surf 10-12′, and a number of technical washouts that put me on the beach and, at times, in the water, kept the day interesting.

Of greatest concern was the fact that the final ‘bridge’ into town, Erindera, was gone, washed away by recent rains.  I could see a farmer up on a hill, so I gave him the universal hands-up-in-the-air sign for “which way?”  Through a serious of gestures, he made it understood that I needed to unlock a gate to some gringo’s property, drop down a hill, cross a stream, and drive up through a patch of what looked like Brussel sprouts, to pick up on the trail into town.  Seriously, he was that good at gesticulating.

One problem.  The wind and waves had forced the ocean up the river flooding out the stream-crossing.  The only other option, was to backtrack 15 miles to the south and pick up a new trail.  But, my reasoning went, ‘it was such a short distance across the stream.’  15 feet into the stream, water was up to my seat, the trail made a small detour through some high weeds, and I was thinking this was not the ideal place to drown-out the little Honda.  No time for pictures here, but needless to say the 2-3-0 punched through and got me up the line to Cayote Cals (after a Tecate Caguama in Erindera).  I’ve spent a lot of time with friends in this part of Baja and I had them all on my mind as I zigged and zagged up the coast.

I Can Outrun A Dog

Got it: 55m.p.h.

It wasn’t pretty and I probably pissed off the entire neighborhood doing hot laps down the street, but I got the bike to do a double-nickle without totally wringing its neck. Actually, at 45m.p.h., it was downright smooth. In other words, I can hang on the highway and get out of the way of a giant flat-bed trailer bearing down on me at high speed. Important, those two things.

True, I can’t see a damn thing out of the rear view mirror due to the vibration, but I can just make out lights and large objects. What else do you need? I’ll bring a 42T sprocket just in case I want to pick up another few m.p.h. and do more road miles on the way home, but, for now, the 45T seems to be the ticket.

I’m now off to pack the tools and organize the clothes. Still fighting a bit of a cold, but I’m far better than I was a few days ago. Departure date, Sunday (27th) will be here before I know it… wahoo!


The Low Rider…Goes A Bit Slower

Trying to find a few more m.p.h., but I’m about out of drive myself for the day.  Went from a 50T rear sprocket, to a 47T, to a 45T (pictured), and have a 42T on order.  Don’t know if the two-three-oh will pull the big gear, but I’m trying to get at least 55 out of it without completely screaming the motor.

Nothing better than having the right tools for the job…(thanks Mike D.).


Wednesday 12/16.  Just updated the Spot Messenger account to include tracking.  New posts will include links to Google Maps to pinpoint my location.  For now, because I haven’t logged any tracks in more than a week, users will just see the landing page.  (Note: drop me a message if you want to be notified via email of my ‘begin day’ and ‘end day’ Spot messages, and I’ll add you to the list.)

Check it out.