Loaded for Bear

Packing in the last of the big-mileage workouts in the next three weeks and the board looks like it’s loaded for a camping trip.  Actually, I think I’ve taken less on a camping trip!  GPS, four bottles of Cytomax (getting a bit tired of that stuff), PowerBar, Goo packs, iPod, hat, glasses, margarita mix…wait, damn, I forgot something.


The Low Rider…Goes A Bit Slower

Trying to find a few more m.p.h., but I’m about out of drive myself for the day.  Went from a 50T rear sprocket, to a 47T, to a 45T (pictured), and have a 42T on order.  Don’t know if the two-three-oh will pull the big gear, but I’m trying to get at least 55 out of it without completely screaming the motor.

Nothing better than having the right tools for the job…(thanks Mike D.).


Wednesday 12/16.  Just updated the Spot Messenger account to include tracking.  New posts will include links to Google Maps to pinpoint my location.  For now, because I haven’t logged any tracks in more than a week, users will just see the landing page.  (Note: drop me a message if you want to be notified via email of my ‘begin day’ and ‘end day’ Spot messages, and I’ll add you to the list.)

Check it out.