Rip to Cabras

I know, I know…daylight savings, winter, darkness, holiday jingles and jiggles, Wedge is now a reef break, months ’till you get to the North Shore…

Let me take you back–if only for a few minutes.  Rip to Cabras 2015.


October Roundup

Saving The World BT

In case you’ve been napping–FarAndAWey has been on the move for the last few weeks, traveling, working, and catching a few late-fall waves; but, a few posts are up, or forthcoming, and they’ll make your day a smooth ride.

  • We had to wait until almost the end of summer, but the swells showed up and DST was there to make a statement about getting out there…everyday if you can.
  • FAAW got lost in Baja…and that’s a good thing.
  • Got a front row seat to maybe one of the most difficult Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathons in history–which is still difficult to write about (full post forthcoming).
  • Laguna Aquathon did not happen, except for those that did not listen.  It was the longest swim (4-5 miles) of any year I can remember, we missed the mid-day cocktail stop, and we still had more fun than can be expected for a six-hour tour of SoCal’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Thought it would be super fun to race the second annual West End Loop Race, which it was if you didn’t actually race, but rather paddled with your friends, jumped in the water, and didn’t take yourself too seriously (full post forthcoming).
  • DST ponied up a new short flick with his buddy and made a bonafide announcement that he is ready to charge larger surf in this great Dog Town Session that is dirty, nasty, and awesome.

Rod Hall Gave Me a Lemon

Rod Hall Collage



Let’s get this out of the way and not make it too uncomfortable.  You are not a man

Rod Hall, Rod Hall is a man.  If you ask him, Rod Hall will tell you, jokingly, “I couldn’t read or write so well, so I had to drive fast” (translation: ‘I am a man’).  Rod didn’t race in a few Baja 1000s, he raced in ALL of them – every single one.  He raced in the Baja 1000 when it was the Mexican Mil (i.e. in Spanish); when California, Nevada, and Oregon where still part of Mexico and Native Americans were his only pit crew.  Okay, well maybe not that long ago, but you get my point.  Man.

Rod also happens to be damn funny, charming, and grows the largest lemons you’ve ever seen in your life.  (Insert joke here.)  I met Rod in Baja over the weekend and he spent a good portion of the afternoon buying me beers, telling salty jokes and bench-racing stories, and generally living up to his status as a legend of the off-road community.  He also gave me a lemon.

I’m off to make whole pitcher of lemonade with Rod Hall’s lemon.

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 4): Off-road Hippies

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 4): Off-road Hippies

Why hippie?  I don’t know, it just seems to fit.  A sub-culture from the 60s and 70s that loved being in the desert, tweaking machines to go faster, and always on the lookout for a pristine place to enjoy nature with friends and family.  Hippie.

The collection at the Ranch and at pre-race check-in for the NORA Mexican 1000 did not disappoint.  Vintage machines bristling with trickness and horsepower, and good old fashion know-how.  Events like this are the reason we keep a Bultaco in the back of the garage waiting to be restored.  Because some day, we’re going to race that damn event and enjoy every minute of it.  I spent a good number of hours on Saturday night getting Bruce Manx’s buggy race ready (light tabs and wiring were still being welded on at 2:00 a.m.), but I never heard one guy complaining — it was all jokes, laughter, and, when it was done and the lights were on, a few minutes to enjoy a cold beer before going racing the next day.

Hippies…all of ’em.

One of the original off-road hippies and the reason we were in Baja.

One of the original off-road hippies and the reason we were in Baja.




Baja Weekender

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 3): Arrived

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 3): Arrived at The Horsepower Ranch

Had no idea what to expect at the Ranch, but it was pretty spectacular.  150+ acres  that was once a nudist colony, including a great pool, several mission-style outbuildings, and a grand hall all nestled in the rolling hills above Ensenada.  In a matter of hours, Todd Clement, owner of the HP Ranch and former head of Baja Wide Open Tours, had a party going for more than 150 people, including their cars, buggies, trucks, and motorcycles.  Good times.

Horsepower Ranch Entry



Baja Weekender

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 2)

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 2):

Arrived in San Diego to hook up with the Meyers Manx club and caravan down to Ensenada via Tecate and the wine-country road.  Most of the Manxs are headed all the way to Cabo, which looks to be a long, long trip for some of the buggies involved.





Baja Weekender