Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 1):

Horsepower Weekend (Pt. 1):

Strangely, Part 1 of the Horsepower Weekend kicked off in Newport, with a press party for Baja Social Club at the Cannery.  Josh sent over a few photos of Bruce Meyers doing an interview in the very first Meyers Manx.  What about a Manx doesn’t scream, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”?


Was excited to fly down with Josh; however, the plane was rudely hijacked by its owner who seemed to think it would be better served shuttling him down to Ensenada on Saturday.  The temerity of some people, huh?  Anyway, it looks like I’ll be catching a ride in in one of the Urkov vehicles tomorrow morning.  There are no plans when it comes to Baja…



Baja Weekender

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