The Teaser

Just got into San Ignacio (redux) and am looking to run to Guerrero Negro tomorrow.  First, let me just say that Mulege was nuts.  In 24 hours I was party to almost getting eaten by a whale, a dinner party replete with artists and singers of the highest caliber, new friends that could party like tournament trained professionals, crashed cars (two), and all followed by a wonderful town party that kept the magic going through late last night.  It took some effort, but I had to throw myself out of the mix this morning and head for San Ignacio.  A ton of bikers in SI with expectations of 20 or more RVs coming into town tomorrow.  Glad to be on the move. 

Visited the Tres Virgines this afternoon (a beautiful volcano) and spend much of the time in the shade of a cactus tree having a sandwich.  Perfect.  Pushing for Guerrero tomorrow, but looking at the ride into San Franciscito and up through Bay of Los Angeles.  I will try and work out the details on fuel tonight.


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