I Could Have Been Doing Laundry Today

But, instead I almost got swallowed by a whale. No shit. La Boca de La Muerta.

So, E. sends me a message and let’s me know that I need to go slower and that that I need to look harder for the kinds of things that constitute Baja magic. Heeding her advice, I met two interesting folks last night, one of whom turned out to be a fisherman with a gift for poetry (“Beto” – oh, no, not another ‘Bob’). He invited me out fishing with one of his local friends (Max) and I decided to take the next day off to do absolutely nothing. Nothing in this case meant getting a ride on the backs of two 40-50 ft. whales in a 17 foot boat. I can assure you that humility is the largest mammal in the world pushing you backward with its lip. The video still doesn’t do the moment justice, but it comes damn close.

Oh, maybe the best part of this story is that just moments before I shot this video, Max turned to Beto and me, and said, “Have I ever told you that my real name [no joke] is Jonah?” WTF? Are you kidding me…?

6 thoughts on “I Could Have Been Doing Laundry Today

  1. hey bob,
    Its Madison and I cant believe all those whales were all around you! are you having a fun time riding your CRF 230. wheres your next stop? I hope you are having fun!
    love you

  2. Sitting at the bar with Bob and Mario, this would be one of those stories he has to tell you about. Although I would then start thinking he is making this s*** up. Thanks for the video, it makes it ALL real. I mean ALL. THANKS! Keep having great adventures! MS

  3. Bob sounds like the trip of a lifetime, I filled Francisco in on your progress. Also on your e mail is the contact info for victor in Ensenada. I let him know you would be contacting him. He is a great guy and should take good care of you.

  4. Bob,
    I’ve wrestled a few alligators, tackled a couple of wild hogs and even stared down a grizzly or two (those were the days…right), but this is off the hook! I’ll have to tell you about my trip to Jurassic Park sometime! Mike

  5. What about the wasabi honey chicken?
    In the sauce you made
    What about the Opera star who sang for you
    What about the french super models
    What about the tall dark draft at Scotty’s
    What about the rich friendships that come so easily
    And don’t forget just how good a shower feels
    A little more descriptive verbage please!

    • Ahh, Beto:
      So glad you posted. Pushing up a bunch of photos over the next few days. Wasn’t as inspired by the towns north of Mulege, so I opted to shut-up, ride more, and post less. Back on it though. Hope hope you enjoy.
      –Bob (Beto Segundo)

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