I Could Have Been Doing Laundry Today

But, instead I almost got swallowed by a whale. No shit. La Boca de La Muerta.

So, E. sends me a message and let’s me know that I need to go slower and that that I need to look harder for the kinds of things that constitute Baja magic. Heeding her advice, I met two interesting folks last night, one of whom turned out to be a fisherman with a gift for poetry (“Beto” – oh, no, not another ‘Bob’). He invited me out fishing with one of his local friends (Max) and I decided to take the next day off to do absolutely nothing. Nothing in this case meant getting a ride on the backs of two 40-50 ft. whales in a 17 foot boat. I can assure you that humility is the largest mammal in the world pushing you backward with its lip. The video still doesn’t do the moment justice, but it comes damn close.

Oh, maybe the best part of this story is that just moments before I shot this video, Max turned to Beto and me, and said, “Have I ever told you that my real name [no joke] is Jonah?” WTF? Are you kidding me…?