On A Diet

By the time I hit San Ignacio, it was clear that I had misjudged how much weight I could carry, particularly in the petrol department. The fuel bag and extra water bags, which both sat up high on the back bag, made dirt roads…sandy dirt roads, very difficult, and that type of riding would make up the next 150 miles or so to San Juanico. Something needed to be done.

I spent Wednesday night at the Rice and Beans Hotel in San Ignacio, trying to establish an Internet connection and going through clothes and gear that I could leave behind, mail home, or pick up on the way back home. By the next day, I had literally stripped down the rig another 20 lbs. and I could not be happier. I was down to 1 pair of pants; 1 pair of shorts; 3 shirts; socks; gloves; computer and electronic gear; tools and parts. The water and fuel are still big weight and space hogs, but I could get them in the side panniers. Here are the before and after pics of the gear load.

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