Guerrero Negro, San Ignacio, and Beyond

After my unexpected foray in no-man’s-land, I awoke to a coyote-bark alarm and suited up to make the run into Guerrero Negro and on to San Ignacio. One of the first thing I did before hitting the road, however, was getting rid of a large Polartec jacket, which was a space hog. This would be the first of many attempts to shed more weight and bulk from the Two-Three-Oh. So, I found the first guy that looked like he could use a North Face jacket and styled him out for Christmas.

I’ve been through Guerrero, but I was unprepared by how much the town has grown. There are now three, THREE, Pemex stations in town. True, only one of them worked but, still, the signs of growth are everywhere. I gassed up for the 90 mile road ride into San Ignacio and headed over to Malarrimo for lunch. Question: is there anything better than a Milanesa Torta? Well, the torta and a beer put me in the mood to haul into San Ignacio, which I did in good time (two hours). I forgot about the time change, however, so I still didn’t make it in before 3:30. Straight to Rice and Beans for a shower and dinner with Ricardo. I was back on track and feeling good about being in hitting distance of San Juanico. Would I shoot for San Juanico tomorrow?

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