San Juanico!!!

I made it into San Juanico!  Brutal 102 mile ride in from San Ignacio, but I got in to town to find smiling friends waiting with open arms and cold beers.  I’ll be back-posting this afternoon and next to share photos and detail the last three days of riding.

There is something to be said for waking up in a tent next to a curious coyote (about 20 meters away).

  • bike is doing good (a bit of oil comin’ out of the head)
  • bum is sore
  • have dumped a bunch of gear along the way at bars and a hotel (“be back in a week or so”)

Looking forward to the New Years bonfire and dance down on the beach, tonight.


5 thoughts on “San Juanico!!!

  1. Great news!!! What a way to spend New Years. Say Hi to Mike & Jan for us. Can’t wait to see some pictures. I was getting on your route from San Felipe on Google Earth and it looked kind of flat and straight.

    Good times and have a beer on me with Mikey & Jan.

    • I couldn’t do the every-10-minute thing because I was worried that I’d drop the satellite messenger and some kid in Baja would press the “Help” button on a lark. I’ll post pics of the exact route later. 🙂

  2. Well congrats on your success to San Juanico. Looks like you’re doing and looking good out there.
    Happy New Year and happy adventures. Just be sure to look bigger and meaner than the next coyote.

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