Catching Up in the New Year

Okay, so I’m working on a bunch of back-date posts, but I had to post this photo of the moonrise over San Juanico on New Years Eve.  All kinds of awesome.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up in the New Year

    • Off the hook. It was one of the few videos I will have to post. 200 folks going strong at 3:00 a.m. Rad.

      • You are going to have key your “OK” button more often. You are making Graham nervous. I think he is looking for an excuse to go in Mex.

  1. BT, you DO look good.

    Stay safe and soak it all in. Alohaland still the same.

    Love you and can’t wait for your safe return back to the States.

    Brosnan will be here on Thursday… should be fun.


    • No waves in San Juanico, though I did see I guy catch a 2 ft. wave that passed three point breaks (almost 3/4 of a mile). My head about exploded. Trying to bum a board for a session tomorrow. BT

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