Hey All:

Made it to Loreto after an unexpectedly brutal ride from San Juanico.  No road, no trail, just rocks and endless washes, uphill.  Had to take the gear off of the bike several times and walk it up 1/2-mile sections that could only be made by doing my best trials-bike imitation.  Didn’t make it here in one day, so I had to spend the night under the stars, again.  Would have been more fun if 1.) a cholla bush hadn’t speared my sleeping bag and, 2.) I had a sleeping bag.  At some point the bag got snagged by a tree or a rock and became Baja food.

Hands still don’t work so good, so I’m going back to the hotel and grab some rest, followed by a bunch of posts with pictures.  I know, I’m behind, but hang with me…it’s worth it.


6 thoughts on “Loreto

  1. Hey Bob! I arrived back from AZ a few days ago and just finished getting up to date on your trek. Looks like your having a damn good time…for the most part. Awesome moonrise shot! Happy (belated) New Year! Mike

    • Thanks, Mike. I’ll be posting more shots today of some beautiful country. Thanks for the note.


  2. Hey Bob, enjoyed reading your blog, hilarious getting chased and nipped by dogs in the middle of nowhere. Not what you expected. Hey, hope you keep on trucking into the mainlain. Curt

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