Missing San Juanico

Uploading tons of photos (238) in Loreto but missing San Juanico.

4 thoughts on “Missing San Juanico

  1. Equipment weighing you down my beaner ass bruh! Tecates needed vacancy.

    I’m truly jealous…

    I’m there with you in spirit hermano. I really am. You’re doing it for the rest of us!

    Keep ridin’ safe.

    • Ahh, I was waitin’ for you to check in, bro. Check the bags filled with ice…that’s how it runs, hermano. Keep it cool. BT

  2. Dude, a Yachtie died falling into an unlighted pit in Barra Navidad last year, its the country of boobie traps. Do you have a snake bite kit?

    • No, but I’ll wait for you to come suck out the poison like a true friend. I’m sure you heard that joke…”Dude, you’re gonna die.”

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