Respete Las Senales

If you every driven in Baja, you’ve seen the sign “Respete Las Senales” (Respect the Signs). I like to think of this directive as a larger metaphor for doing anything in Baja. Look around, get lost for a bit, but know when it is time to move on…”Respete Las Senales.” In this case y’all probably noted that the GPS has me moving north. I have appealed to the ‘senales’ and decided to make a move to Mulege, as opposed to doing the big hump down to La Paz. At a riding limit of about 100-150 miles a day, pressing into La Paz would take another week, getting there and back (i.e. to Loreto), so I made the call to go check things out in Mulege and maybe sit on a beach for a few days. I need to find a new sleeping bag! Anyway, if I had months instead of weeks, I might have done the full show. Today, I looked at the signs and I am glad to be moving ‘norte.’


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