Posted a 260-mile day, which, on a 230, is a monster.  The last 50 miles, the temperature dropped 30 degrees and I rode into a sand/dust storm the likes of which I’ve never seen in Baja.  Having a truck pass by you and blow your head back is one thing; having a truck make a pass from behind and almost get sucked into the rear trailer wheels is another.

Used a bit of Karma today, for sure.


6 thoughts on “2-6-0

  1. Not so sure you are having fun and this spot. your picture is priceless, and just think, the experience is too! Ramona and Bob

    • No, this is one I had to work for…for sure. I’m working on some back posts from the safety of home, watching the rain come down, and I’m not so sure being sandblasted for three straight hours was all that bad 🙂 Funny how that works.

      Your comments, as always, have kept me moving. I’ll be posting another 20 or so posts in the next week to fill in the gaps. Best to you both and looking forward to catching up.

    • Great meeting you and hope that we can run into each other down the line. Looking forward to reading the blog.

    • More poaching opportunities to come. I just uploaded a bunch of photos and am piecing together a few sections where I couldn’t find an internet connection.

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