Meet Winston — the newest member of the clan. 


So ugly, he’s cute, Winston is a game changer for us.  You see, we’ve never owned a dog, and E., who has long aligned herself with the cats-are-the-more-enlightened animals, never entertained the idea of owning a pet that required walks and baths, and, well, crap that he can destroy.

An 11-month-old, mutt we think is part terrier, part schnauzer, Winston came to us from Rover Rescue and…  Wait, “came to us” is totally wrong.  Jen, the next door neighbor, veterinarian, and expert conniver foisted the pooch on us during a moment of weakness.  You see, Winston is quiet, soft, and friendly and when you see him it makes you vulnerable – weak.  There was absolutely no point in apposing the dog coming on board, as I could see in Daniel’s face and hear in Erica’s laugh, that Winston was here to stay.

We’re all glad for it.

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