A Change is Coming

Well, it’s time for a change.  Far and a Wey has been neglected for more than a year, partly for want of time, but also because the site seemed to lack a ‘reason for being.’  The 230-ride through Baja has long since been completed and work, family, and weekend-adventures have replaced the pleasure of a singular task, done every day, all day.

That’s not to say this shit ain’t interesting — far from it.  New jobs, family travails, pets, and, of course riding have still been going on, so ‘The Wey’ still has lots to write about.  So, I’m giving notice to those subscribed: it’s back on.  The site is not all moto, not all Baja, and certainly not a place to wax philosophical about adventure, change, and flux.  It’ll be happening, I’m just not smart enough to reflect on it all the time.  For those of you who are subscribed, now is the time to get off, stay on, and hopefully stay in touch.


2 thoughts on “A Change is Coming

    • Gordon, I think you hit on an older post. Far and A Wey is not going anywhere! Look for an upcoming post on the Laguna Aquathon and the Catalina West End Loop Race!

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