I2I Waterman Relay

Island to Island Waterman Relay race time!  I’ve got an amazing and eclectic paddling team assembled (dubbed Team Bern-Out), calling in good weather for this painful 32-mile relay, and ready to get my luau on with friends and family.  Santa Barbara Island to Catalina Isthmus…let’s do this.  Race prep and photos to follow.

Team Bern-Out CollageEightIslands2

Edit: two quick details, because ‘inquiring minds want to know.’  The team name, “Team Bern-Out” showcases Bernadette Foote, who, being our youngest paddler, is going to carry us old guys through the rough moments (and sections) of the race.  As for the discrepancy in mileage on the image, ‘dirt creatures’ should know that it is actually 28 nautical miles, which translates into roughly 32 miles of deep, blue water.  Critter-country here we come!

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