Taking Stock

2014 Recap Image

Where were you this time last year? Where was I? I wanted to take a minute to consider the distance between January 2014 and January 2015—the events that marked time—but the exercise proved harder than I expected. I looked back at Far and a Wey and had good laugh; a hundred or more posts on paddling events, birthdays, family outings, time with friends, and a few sad moments—tragedies really—to round out the experience of being in the moment, for a lot of moments in 2014.

I can say unequivocally that this year was one of the best ever for waves; that dogs, like children, get more awesome with age; that 78 degree weather, everyday, does get old (okaywellnotreally); that everything seems to cost more; and…that shoulder surgery sucks. On this last point let me be clear: if you love your sport (a lot), you’re going to get injured doing it. (Somewhere there’s a guy nursing a snooker injury nodding his head—trust me.) You can take some time off, go under the knife, or switch your source of activity to maintain that inner desire for competition that keeps some of us going. In short, have more sports to stay healthy and to stay sane.

I can also say that in 2015, I’m going out of my way to cultivate relationships and, hopefully, friendships with thoughtful, artistic, and inspired people. I want to read (or reread) more good books like the ones I picked up in 2014 (read my short list of good reads). I want to learn more about electricity and wiring, scientific competition that leads to innovation, bees and the economy of pollination, how navigation works in the brain, cornbread, crows, and the entire libretto of La Sonnambula because, well, intellectual curiosity, like play, makes all of us just a bit more interesting in the sandbox.

I’ve never made resolutions; however, I take stock of what kind and quality of work I’m doing, discard what’s not working and replicate what is—positive skepticism, better communication, and collaboration.  New industries and new challenges.  With opportunity and planning, maybe I’ll save a bit more money this year or, alternately, find more compassionate ways to spend it.

2015, it’s February and I’m still just saying, “hello.”


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