Bring back the Change Dispenser Thingy

If you grew up in Balboa, you know what this is…

Everyone who worked on the Balboa Ferry had one and, let me tell you, it was cool.  Take money, give change, ride a boat back and forth across the harbor all day.  That, at the tender age of nine, was cool.  One might imagine that it’s sort of equivalent to kick-flipping a $600 iPhone or spinning those stupid ball-bearing toys, but this, friends, came with skill and responsibility — make change on a buck without looking…yes; give a nod and a free ride to a buddy short on scratch…absolutely.  Be cool, bring it back.

2 thoughts on “Bring back the Change Dispenser Thingy

  1. Had one of those on my paper route for collecting, for the Daily Pilot. 1972-73.
    Pre-on line bill pay, Pre-computer and for that matter. Still have it around here somewhere. (Hoarder)

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