On Wishing


I wish I could see the boys in the water for the fog.

Men, I think, surveying a pile of clothes, warming but the topmost layer of cold sand.

Of all days, I wish, and only wish.  The steady hiss of surf.

For a moment the clouds part, but they are gone, laughing at ill-timed take-offs or a flock of silent pelicans pulling out of the next wave.

I wish I could see you.

Unintelligible at Any Speed

DCIM100GOPROCrazy mixed bag of news and facts this morning–a perfect way to start the day.  The first, the death of Jack Ely, whose “incoherent singing on Louie Louie led the FBI to investigate the famous track on the grounds that it might be obscene.  Law enforcement agents concluded, in a lengthy investigative report, that the song was “unintelligible at any speed”.”  That, as they say, is a keeper.  And then…”North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the execution of 15 people this year.  Those killed include two vice ministers who challenged Mr Kim over his policies and members of an orchestra.”  I’ll say this, Mr. Ely was surely glad he didn’t play in North Korea.

Not a huge fan of the Kingsmen, so I leave you with what’s in my ear now:


That Was Just Monday

I haven’t updated the site for a week, it’s hot, raining in the desert, the Man is spraying for West Nile Virus in the hood, Baja is throwing us surf, I’m headed to work, and there are still too many videos of spongers auguring perfect waves. Nope…not bitter, I’m not bitter…seriously, I’m not bitter.  Why are you looking at me?  Okay, stick a little music in your ear and let me get back to you.

Wedge Action

Photo jacked from the amazing shooters that are: Wedge Action on FB